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Dance Archive Project 2017 (DAP2017)
project OH!YAMA (Japan) Ambiguous Dance Company (Korea) Korea Japan collaboration
Modern Dance in the Theatre of War : Wheat and Soldiers

The pioneers of Japanese modern dance, Takaya Eguchi and Misako Miya performed Wheat and Soldiers at Tokyo’s Imperial Theater in October 1938. The historical context was the Sino-Japanese War. The following year, their dance troupe embarked upon a government sponsored overseas tour for Japanese forces, in which segments of Wheat and Soldiers were staged. The troupe participating in the tour to entertain the forces and the wounded comprised three men and seven women. Four consecutive tours took place until 1942. The few existing photos bear witness to large crowds; in the history of Japanese modern dance, this piece probably attracted the most spectators. It was, however, never performed after the war. How was this work created and perceived? Enveloped in mystery, it will over time disappear into the vast shadow of soldiers’ wartime memories. While impossible to faithfully reproduce, let us, however, listen to the fading whispers of a dance work that risks being silenced by the passage of time.

Dates Friday 17th February thru Sunday 19th February, 2017
Venue Yokohama Red Brick No.1 - 2F
(1-1-1 Shinko Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Admission Fee 3,000 yen for each performance /
Student Reduction : 2,500 yen /
TPAM Registration Benefit : 2,500 yen
Presented by Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio
Co-produced by Dance Archive Network (NPO)

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Dance Archive Project 2016
Dance Archive → Lecture × Performance

Launched in 2014, this is the third time we present the Dance Archive Project. At the outset, our focus was not just on creating new works inspired from various archive materials, but also on collecting documentation and memorabilia connected to the late Kazuo Ohno and Japanese dance history in recent times. Over the intervening years, we have continually worked with a variety of media forms, notably performance and in-situ exhibitions. For the upcoming Dance Archive Project, we will broaden our horizons, incorporating words and images in the form of lecture-performances, through which we will try to convey the archives deeper significance, and to interpret the archived documents by means of direct and vigorous debate with the audience. The true meaning in collecting dance archives materials resides not in the fact of only conserving them for future generations but rather the ability to transmit and constantly re-evaluate their contents from contemporary perspectives. The project's ambition is to render archive research visible in such a way as to accord it a new value, and to demonstrate its significance and usefulness.

Thursday 11th thru Sunday 14th February, 2016 at BankART Studio NYK 3rd floor


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Kazuo Ohno Festival 2015
Dance in Daily Life

Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, Kazuo’s rehearsal studio, was built next to his house where he himself and his family lived. The fact that his space of living and dancing were next to each other should have deeply inspired Kazuo’s creation process. Kazuo often said “Daily life is your teacher.” It was not just a theory, but a practice for him. Since his first appearance in Europe in 1980, numerous workshop students from all over the world have come to the studio to practice Butoh while they stayed near the studio. They were often invited to his house next door to dine with his family. This has been the style of artist-in-residence at Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio with a wish to create new art from such a practice of living and dancing. In addition to dance performances and exhibition, this year’s Kazuo Ohno Festival starts artist-in-residence program. The process of creation will be open to the public and the fruits will be shown at the end of artists’ stay. We look forward to your company.

Saturday, 3rd ~ Sunday, 25th, October, 2015 at BankART Studio NYK


■Saturday, 3rd ~ Sunday, 25th, October, 2015. From 11:00 to 19:00. Admission free

Photographs and videos on activities of Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio will be shown. Since its establishment in 1961 in Yokohama, Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio has been the center of creation of numerous artists from all over the world including Kazuo Ohno himself, Yoshito Ohno and Tatumi Hijikata.

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Dance Archive Project (DAP) 2015

The key functions of a dance archive are twofold: to collect and organize materials related to dance performance, and to ensure the establishment of a foundation stone for future performances. How a given performance employs choreography, costumes, music and space in a particular fashion provides insight as to what subsequent performances might resemble; the archives task is to re-assemble the work. It might be argued that given the dearth of physical traces of individual movements, there is an inseparable link between the archive materials and the performance itself; their very existence ensures an updated re-construction of the original performance. The Dance Archive Project 2015 deliberately sets out to further inter-connect these two spheres: dance archives and dance performance. By publically presenting archive materials in the form of a completed work, we believe that both the function and the potential of the archives will be brought into sharper relief.

Date Tuesday, 10th February 2015 – Sunday, 15th February 2015

Venue: BankART Studio NYK 3rd floor (3-9 Kaigan-dori, Naka-ku, Yokohama)
Admission fee: 3,000 yen for each performance/Two Performances Pass : 5,000 yen (Allows one to attend two performances on his/ her choice. Only the name-bearer on the pass will be able to use it.)/ TPAM Registration Benefit:4,500yen for the Two Performances Pass
Presented by Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio

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Kazuo Ohno Festival 2013
Reprise: Physical Expression of the Zeitgeist

With the 2013 Kazuo Ohno Festival, we celebrate the tenth in a series that has constantly been with the prevailing wind in the dance world, both on a national and international level. With the theme of a 'physical expression of the zeitgeist,' Kazuo Ohno was the focus of the first festival back in 2004. Over time we have expanded the program and broadened our perspective. This year we once again continue to produce and present dancers and artists who have inherited and incorporate the spirit of Kazuo Ohno's work – a work that remains close to the spirit of the times we live in and yet timeless.
In the hall on the ground floor, three groups will be in residency during the festival, and will present the fruits of their work to the public. On the third floor visitors will have the opportunity to view the ever-increasing amount of contemporary dance videos and archive materials, including those in the cyber world, where all kinds of people upload all kinds of dance. As part of our international program, we have invited the Lyon based dance company from the Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape under the direction of Yuval Pick. Another outstanding feature of this year's festival will be the Kanze Hideo Day to pay homage to Kazuo Ohno's close friend and innovative Noh-player who left a huge mark on contemporary theatre. We see our festival as a bridge between past and future, a place where we treasure our deep heritage and foster those that carry that torch into the future. We look forward to your company.

Friday, 27th September 2013 ----- Sunday, 3rd November 2013
Venues : BankART Studio NYK and the nearby area
Admission Fee: ¥2,500 (in advance); ¥3,000 (on the day)

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Opening Night
Friday, September 27, 20:30 at BankART Studio NYK 3F
Admission Fee: ¥500
Peformance: Tatsuo Majima's "Today's Dance"

Friday, 27 September 2013 ---- Sunday, 3 November 2013, 11:30-19:00 at BankART Studio NYK3F
(Please note that there will be no projection on Oct.26)
Admission free

【Video Work Exhibition】

■"Trilogy for Kazuo Ohno's Admiring La Argentina" by Yasumasa Morimura(11 min.)

■Full footage of "Today's Dance" by Tatsuo Majima

Morimura's work was done in the occasion of Kazuo Ohno Festival 2010's "Admiring La Argentina --- a Remake." And we offer the opportunity to see the full version of Majima's "Today's Dance."

【Archive Material Exhibition 】

Among the variety of materials that Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio Archive has, we show the interviews with butoh dancers and those who relates to dance talking on Kazuo Ohno and the dance of their time.

Workshop by Yuval Pick & Madoka Kobayashi

Tuesday, 15 October---Thursday, 17 October, 19:30-22:00 at BankART Studio NYK 3F
Tuition: ¥6,000 for 3 days (a purchase of any festival performances makes the fee ¥5,000)

Availing of the participants' ideas, Pick and Kobayashi plan to incorporate casual movements from our everyday lives so as to create a choreography in which dance is the common language. Participants don't require previous dance experience.

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