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"Kazuo Ohno’s World from without and within"

By Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno
Translated by John Barrett -- Preface by Toshio Mizohata
Published 2004 by Wesleyan University Press 344 p.
4,320 yen

>Photographs and words illuminate Butoh dance
Kazuo Ohno is one of the founders of the Japanese modern dance form, Butoh, which had a large influence on contemporary American modern and postmodern dance. Now for the first time, Ohno’s words and insights are available in English. This book brings together two distinct but related works: the first, Food for the Soul, is an interview with Yoshito Ohno about his father and his father's dances. With the help of some 100 photographs, he reveals a compelling and complex figure. The second, Workshop Words, is a collection of talks given by Kazuo Ohno to his students during workshops, complemented by photographs of Ohno in intimate settings. Lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed, this book is a finely nuanced portrait of one of the most distinctive contemporary performers to emerge from Japan in the 20th century. It is an indispensable manual for the aspiring performer in any field.

"Kazuo Ohno is every bit as important as Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham in his dance and his progeny. His writing carries the reader to places not usually accessible via dance and dancing."
—Carol Martin, associate professor of drama, New York University

"The preservation of Kazuo Ohno's words and works for future generations is of the utmost importance. With this book, we have the rare chance to view and contemplate the essence of Ohno's deep self-reflection. They are a testament to his genius."
—Carolyn Carlson, choreographer

"Ohno is one of the most vital dance forces of 20th century dance. This book is for dancers, dance-makers and anyone who longs for spiritual inspiration."
—Bonnie Sue Stein,dance critic and executive director,GOH Productions, NYC

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