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Yoshito Ohno

Born in Tokyo in 1938, Yoshito Ohno stage debut was in the role of the young boy in Kinjiki [Forbidden Colours] directed by Tatsumi Hijikata in 1959. Throughout the 1960s he was active in Butoh performances until he retired in 1969. His comeback was in 1985 when he appeared alongside Kazuo Ohno in The Dead Sea; thereafter he continued to direct all of Ohno senior's stage performances. In recent years he has collaborated with the Tanztheater Wuppertal dancers’ Julia Anne Stanzak and Eddie Martinez in “The Promising Morning” (2010), co-performed with Antony and the Johnsons in “Antony and the Ohnos” (2010), as well creating a solo work “Flower and Bird” (2013). Author of “Kazuo Ohno: Food for the Soul” (Film Art Sha, 1999) and “Butoh: A Way of Life” (Canta Co.Ltd, 2015).